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The ‘When I Grow up Syndrome’

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Girls, how many of you remember being about 5 years old and looking up towards the sky excited as ever,  You clear your little throat and with so much enthusiasm and boldness announce to your parents…Mum …Dad when I grow up I’m going to be a ……………insert your own

For the records mine was a Vet but I realised I didn’t deal with blood very well, then it was a lawyer…then I realised I wasn’t a good liar (I’ve totally offended so many lawyers accept my apologies) then a Psychologist….and now I realise I was created to help individuals realise their worth…I’m yet to give that a title.

But yes sorry back to being a 5 year old kid, I remember it so vividly, Head held so high…limitations….pffft a word that your positive little brain didn’t quite understand or register…you know that zeal I’m talking about the ‘I can do whatever I want to do’ attitude I can become whatever I want to become’…that audacious confidence.

But then, is it just me that realised as I went through life, reasoning and logic and standards and expectations began to bit by bit hammer away at my audacious confidence levels. Where ‘limitations’ was once a word foreign to my little brain as a kid…I found it strange the older I became the more it seemed to flash in Neon lights everywhere. You go from ‘I’m going to be president.. to emmm you know maybe being president is a little too out there, maybe I’ll go for owning my own successful business to  okay seriously dude right about now, I’m going to be realistic a job is a job….I hate it but it pays me!

Where did we lose it?

I mean I think it’s hilarious how as little biddy kids we can see the world as our oyster with so many opportunities no many possibilities, like a blank canvas waiting for us to totally jump in with our Crayola’ s and create whatever we want to create  (remember Crayola’s..I loved them)

But the more I think about it I think I know where we lost it, as we grew older we began to become conditioned, we allowed our unbelievably powerful minds to accept that we have to play life by the books, we lost our creativity when we were taught that there is only 1 correct answer everything else is wrong… 1+1 = 2 it will always =2 if it = to 3 you’re wrong!

Okay guys come on, a raise of hands if you were ever that kid in maths class who used to totally have a heart attack when your teacher looked at you from the end of her/ his nose and pointed ‘hey you what is the answer’…..I think I may have actually prayed to God  on numerous such occasions for the rapture’

Ask most  3 / 4 year olds a question… any question And they have no qualms with giving you an answer which in no way whatsoever relates to the question you asked them Why?

They have NO fear of FAILURE…..

Now, I believe that this fear of failure has robbed so many of us from trying, from dreaming, from turning our dreams into reality myself included…..I don’t know about you buddy…but I do not want to be…actually for a matter of FACT I will not be that person whose old and wrinkly (hopefully not too wrinkly haha) riddled with regrets of what ifs……

I have this picture in my head of a morbidly obese being in our heads his name is fear, now the reason for which he is morbidly obese is because we keep feeding him with our negative thoughts, he’s getting so big he’s ready to occupy more space in our heads than his paying rent for…about time we put him on a diet and starve him…don’t you think…and I’m not talking weight watchers!!

I mean if I asked myself what I wanted from life.. if there were no such thing as limitations….boy I could go on forever…so you know what as of today I will live like there are none!…….I mean what’s the worst that can happen?  We may trip that’s life get over yourself you wouldn’t be the 1st or the last…as Les Brown puts it ‘if we can look up, we can get up’

So back to ‘when I grow up’, I mean I hate to break it to you buddy, but the revelations kicked me up the backside too….we have grown up! So our job now is to unlearn half of the stuff we spent learning since we were little biddy kids, you know that 1+ 1 = 2…well I say 1 + 1 can = to anything you want it to equal too.

So let’s regain our audacious confidence we lost along the years….Life will pay whatever price we ask of it- (Tony Robbins) so let’s dream big ask big and live with no regrets…..

With love,



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