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It’s finally Friday!!!

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It’s finally Friday. Wooop. The time is 07:02 to be precise. As I write this the fact that I’m growing up is just dawning on me. Yh yh I’m gonna be 18 you’d expect me to be excited… Right? Don’t get me wrong I am. But a bigger part of me is so scared. Fine. I admit it, I’m scared. Scared to be on my own in this big bad world.  Scared to make my own decisions. Scared to fail… All on my own. Right now I’m on the train up to Nottingham. Exciting… Right?  I’ve never gotten the train on my own before… There’s always a first time for everything. Right now I’m really expectant… Finally this is the MORE I’ve been craving, so what does the BIG, WIDE, WORLD have in store for Moyo? I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait and see. In mean time just keep calm and love life.


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