Girlz Empowered



The Girlz Empowered programme is an initiative of God’s Grace Foundation (GGF); GGF is a UK based charity that is working to help children and young people to achieve their potential to the fullest.  The overall aim of this programme is to help girls aged 11 to 17 years develop a healthy self-esteem which comprises of knowing their worth and loving themselves, body appreciation, personal development, setting goals, identifying their gifts and talents.  We also cover how to deal with negative peer pressure, developing healthy relationships and offer home-work support.   The programme is delivered over seven sessions during the course of the year with a graduation ceremony for those who complete at least 5 sessions.  For more information, please visit or contact us to register for the next intake in September 2013.

Girlz Empowered

Here is some of the feedback that we have received from the young people who have attended the programme:

“I really feel that it’s helped me to open up and I have gained tips on how to think more positively about myself.”

“I really enjoyed the session when we got into groups and talked in depth about self-esteem.”

“I learnt how not to lower my standards for other people.”

“The group discussions are very good, you talk about things that happen often but don’t realise everyday”.

“I enjoyed this session and the discussion best. It felt comfortable to talk to other girls around my age”