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We are sure that you’ve got some great things to share with our readers!

What are we looking for in a guest post?

  1. Short articles that will inspire young ladies to value and develop themselves.
  2. Christian Inspirations.
  3. Reviews (Got a book or movie that you’d like to talk about?)
  4. Fashion, hair and beauty tips that will encourage our readers to appreciate and love their bodies and help them to develop their own unique styles.
  5. Poems
  6. Recipes
  7. Etiquette and Good manners tips – to provide young ladies with some of the key social tools needed to give them confidence in various social and work situations.



  1. Think beautiful, positive & encouraging!
  2. Keep your post to 500 words.
  3. Please include a two sentence bio, a website link (if you wish) and a valid e-mail address. Your e-mail will not be published but we need to be able to get in touch with you!
  4. The post and all the info should be pasted into the body of an e-mail. Please do not send attachments!
  5. The post has to be written by you, so we have the author’s permission!


Please know that:

  1. Your submission may be edited.
  2. We may not use all submissions but we’ll let you know if we are going to use yours and when.
  3. We do not pay for guest posts – this is very much a way of giving back to the our readers:-)

Please submit your post for consideration to Dupe at

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