Girlz Empowered



Dupe Makinde

Dupe MakindeDupe Makinde is the Founder and Director of God’s Grace Foundation.  With a passion to empower and inspire people and give them the opportunity to succeed in life, she set up God’s Grace Foundation to transform the lives of children and young people by creating opportunities to help them develop their skills and achieve their potential to the fullest.

Dupe believes that everyone has the ability to realise their potential and achieve their God-given dreams, regardless of their background, if they believe in themselves. She has been working with young people, women and parents for over ten years.  She is available for speaking engagements and delivering workshops on the subject areas of youth, personal development and effective parenting. She is also a qualified PTLSS trainer/teacher.

Deborah Yishak

DeborahDeborah Yishak is a young Psychology Post-graduate passionate about inspiring young adults to become all that they were destined to become.  With a strong desire to see individuals fulfilled and operating at their full potential Deborah has a strong belief that each and every one of us is created with so much potential!  One of Deborah’s strongest motivations in life is centered on self-discovery and empowering others in particular youth to do the same.

Coming from a Christian background, Deborah firmly stands by the belief that everything we ever need to succeed is already within us. Our task, as we go through life is to uncover and unravel the wealth we have within. Deborah joined God’s Grace Foundation in 2011, since joining Deborah has been involved with the Girlz Empowered programme as well as the Parenting Workshops.